Friday, June 3, 2011

100 + Cricut Cartridge Blog Hop

                Hi everyone, I hope you have enjoyed hopping along so far, there's a lot more and you won't want to miss any!  You should have come from Christina's blog, so if you didn't please go to Erica's blog to start.

                 It's summer time and since I'm from the Sunshine State I chose the Splish Splash  Cricut Lite cartridge.  My layout is titled All the Fish in the Sea, from a little quote that seemed to be me.

                                                  All the birds in the sky
                                                  All the fish in the sea
                                                  Will never explain
                                                  what you mean to me.

                  I added this text to my photo using an editing software.
                  I decided to use centerpoint on my Cricut Expression to showcase my picture. Erica recently gave us a tutorial on centerpoint, you really should try it if you haven't already. Thanks Erica!  The frame is 5-5 on the overlay (5th row-5 over) The cut is 7.50 5.50 on the gypsy. I had to use rotate to position the cut out on my patterned paper, which is Best Creation Inc.

                  I'm going to list my cuts as you would see in the phamplet that comes with the "Lites"

 <fish 2> 3-5 overlay
dark orange card stock
cut 3.95 2.88

<fish 2s> 3-5 overlay (this is shift)
light orange cardstock
cut 3.95 2.88

<seaweed> 2-10 overlay
dark green cardstock
cut 1.40 4.29
<seaweed 3>
cut 0.79 4.29

I needed some small fish so I used Life is a Beach, this is one of my favorites, living in Florida....well you get it!

<fish> 1-9 overlay
Black cardstock
cut 1.03 0.88
1.30 1.12
1.44 1.24
1.71 1.47

light and green cardstock
cut 1.50 7.59

And I can't remember the seahorse cut ,sorry but I did run him through the Cuttlebug using Swiss Dots. Oh, and lots of bling!  They are class a' peel stickers by Stampendous.  I LOVE them! I also used pop dots to give the layout some dimension.
Whew! With all these cuts to keep up with I did find a way that helps me, as I cut out on practice paper (another of Erica's tips!) I jot down the cut I want and save it .  I just don't know where I put the seahorse!  But stay tuned I think I have come up with a solution for that and I will share!
                I have one more project to share and I will send you on your way.

                   This is my first attempt to cut fabric and I can tell you what NOT to do! Do not use a dull blade (Wal Mart was out)! Other than that it went pretty well. I found some old burlap I had and some beachy material (at Wal Mart, I had to buy something!). I used burlap fabricpage that I applied the fish to for the pocket (purchased at LSS) . I didn't have a pattern so I looked at an old beach bag and patterned it after that. I'm happy! And so is my granddaughter (she's already claimed it).
Oh dear, where's THAT cut?  I saved it on the gypsy this time!  I grouped them together and sized them at 10.06 height, then ungrouped and created two layers to cut them out using two pieces of material.
First time doing this too! I used Heat and Bond and it worked great on the burlap.  One more thing be sure to use a very sticky mat.

                      It's been fun, thank you for stopping by, and Happy Crafting!

Next  you should go to Courtney's Blog, you're going to like what you see!


  1. Cute!! Will post more later; just checking for you now! :)

  2. So cute, love your layout and especially the quote! You are very creative!

  3. I LOVE the quote and I also LOVE the fish! So much detail, very impressive!

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  6. Everything is so cute. TFS

  7. Wow!! Gorgeous page!!

    ♥ Laura ♥

  8. I may have to lift that page. Cool beach bag too.

  9. Fantastic firsts :) I love anything to do with the ocean and can wait to make some pages. I will try center point for sure. Thanks for the tip!

    Happy Scrappin'

    Sue B

  10. Love your projects! So glad you tried cutting fabric, I haven't attempted that yet. I also like to first make my cuts on plain white cardstock so I can size all the cuts properly. To keep track of my cuts for projects I'd like to duplicate, I make a recipe card and keep it in a folder labeled "Cricut Recipes". TFS!

  11. great job with Centerpoint! TFS

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  13. More fantastic work!! The colors on the layout are just magical!! Makes me wanna go to the beach! :) And, I love the bag!! Still and Christina have now shown me that Cricut can even be used on fabric! Wow! TFS!

    autumnwillis925 at gmail dot com

  14. Great projects! I love the quote, and your beach bag is super cute.Thanks for the ispiration, I'm a new follower?

  15. Connie!!! Love your projects lady! Your granddaughter is one smart cookie to already have claimed that sweet bag! Have a great weekend and see you on FB! Aloha, Linda

  16. You did a great job on all of your projects! Love all the detail on the fish, super cute! TFS! Love the cards you did for OWH too! I'm a new follower! :)
    majelica at comcast dot net

  17. What a great bag, funny your granddaughter claimed already. lol.. It turned out awesome. I thought it was store bought and you added the other stuff to it. love the colors also. BTW.. I am loving the layout and colors of your blog.. TFS!

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    She11ygirl at verizon dot net

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  21. Tropical is my favorite theme, being from Florida. Will have to try the page layout. How fun.

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  23. Thx for the tip about the dull blade! My wal-mart was out of blades when I went last week too...their inventory showed they had 7...ACK! I'll make sure I have a sharp blade before I cut fabric..