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My Cricut Craft Room's August 100+ Carttridge Blog Hop

Welcome to My Cricut Craft Room's August 100+ Cartridge Blog Hop, hosted by our very talented team leader, Erica.  If you came from Crafting with Courtney, you are in the right place.  If not then please start at the beginning with Erica at My Cricut Craft Room so you will be sure not to miss the rest of this wonderful team.

Today 'Cricky' wants to help me tell you about a very special 5th Birthday Party for my grandson Landon!  Can you guess the theme?  Yep...I'm a dork!

Here's your invitation~

Thank you for coming!  Let's get started with the Party...I mean Hop!

Carts I used~
Life's A Party
Birthday Bash

I used my Gypsy for everything.

Life's A Party~ Card
You can find the invitation card on pg. 44 of your handbook~ #34.  (I number 1-50 on the overlay)
<card> (what you will see in your handbook)      cut~4.48-5.59,  tan cardstock, inked with Tim Holtz Distress Ink  -walnut stain-  and Color Box Chalk  -amber clay-
Pirate Party is the phrase feature (keys on the left of your overlay) pg.54- #44.  Pirate Party w/sword is <card> using gray cardstock,   cut~ 4.62-3.91.  Pirate Party is < card s> (that's card feature and shift)
using black cardstock,   cut ~ 4.16-3.1.  I heat embossed the sword blade with silver opaque embossing powder. 
I continued to ink on the inside of the card.   Arrrg! is on pg. 44- #34, <phrase> in black cardstock   cut3.10-1.12. (bottom layer)  <phrase s> in red cardstock,   cut~ 3.10-1.12   (top layer)

I used my Xyron a lot!

I also used this's great for picking up small pieces.  I just dip the piece in a dot of glue on scratch paper and place.  It is The Quicker-Poker-Picker-Upper! by Quik Kuts.  See the tiny letter?
It really came in handy with the small font from Cricut Cartridge Blackletter,  black cardstock   cut~0.76.  The map, again with L A P, pg. 44- #34 using black cardstock <card s>   cut~ 5.59.  The red X is the layer feature <layer>   cut~ 2.51-5.59.  Instead of the circle I decided to use my grandson's picture to personalize the invitation.  He was more than happy to poise as a pirate!  I made this picture into a charm using this great kit I purchased from Little-Windows brilliant photo jewelry.  it doesn't show well in the card but I used the doming technique on the little picture I created with the online software that comes with the kit.

After cutting the picture out you pour just enough resin product on and it flows to the edge creating a beautiful charm! I added this to the card with removable adhesive so it could be saved.

I placed this map at the entrance to welcome guests and let them know X marks the spot.

Map pg. 44 - #34
Black cardstock <map>  cut~ 11.94-11.00
Tan cardstock <map s> 11.33-11.00
Red cardstock  X  layer feature    cut~ 4.99-11.12
Pirate Party here ~ Font~ Cricut Cartridge Blackletter   Black cardstock,   cut~ 3.75-3.35 

I'm such a proud daughter made a beautiful pirate ship cake!
I made the masts which you can find on pg. 34- #14 ~ card feature.
I made one red and two white cutting the card in half at the score lines creating 5 masts. Then I applied a picture of  the birthday boy on one and skull and crossbones on two.
<skull>  black  cut~ 3.47-2.18
<skull s>  white  cut~ 3.47-2.18
skull cap layer feature,  red dotted paper,  cut~1.96-2.18
The red were left plain.

I'm in love with the cupcake wrappers and toppers!  They are so simple and you can create a theme in a sec!

I used blue glitter paper by Best Occasions and Color Bok
The ship wrapper is on pg. 24- #4 using cupcake wrapper/topper feature (from now on will be noted as cw/tf)   cut~ 9.93-2.06  I had a large cupcake liner so I would suggest measure what you are using and adjust accordingly.
By the way the treasure chest in the picture was purchased at Hobby Lobby.  I stained it and added the stickers  (from my stash).

The black paper with scull and swords came from Hobby Lobby by Paper Studio.  I used cw/tf  on pg. 44 - #34  same cut.

I used the hide/contoure feature on my Gypsy to remove the ship cuts to make a solid liner in white copy paper to create the masts in the layer.  I hand cut the shape of the boat from brown paper and glued it on the white paper to line up with the blue layer.  (see arrow)
I did the same with the black scull wrappers.

I wish I had close up pictures of each flag.  I was so pleased with how they turned out.
I used three different shapes using Cricut Birthday Bash Cartridge  <font s>  #49 cut~ 8.42-11.59,
#52   cut~10.75-11.59,  #50  cut~ 8.39-11.59  using kraft cardstock and pirate themed patterned fabric I bought in scrap packs at Wal Mart.  I sprayed the kraft paper with Elmer's Craft Bond Spray Adhesive and applied the fabric. 
Again, I used the Blackletter Cart font  for Landon. 
L is cut in white, shadow feature, at 6.30-8.06 (bottom layer)
L again in black shift -  cut~ 6.06-8.06
White a - shadow- cut~  ?-8.06
Black a - shift-  cut~ 3.79-8.06 
and ect....the rest will vary in width size but keep it at the same height.

A Pirate's Life for Me with Ship Wheel ~ pg. 34 #14 Phrase feature  cut~  11.58-8.65

Sword~  pg.24 - # 4  <cupcake s>  cut~  3.74-11.59
I heat embossed the blades on these as well

Skull ~ pg. 34 #14
<skull>  Black-  cut~ 11.53-7.24
<scull s> White - cut 11.34-7.12
scull cap~  layer feature  - Red dotted paper-   cut~ 11.73-7.35

Treasure Chest ~ pg. 24  #4 
<treasure>  Black  cut~  10.70 -9.00
<treasure s>  Brown  cut~ 10.70-9.00
Both rotated 90 degrees to fit on mat using the Gypsy.

Treasure/lock and handles ~  Gold metallic paper found at Hobby Lobby  cut~ 9.72-8.88

Landon says,  "It's a Pirate's Life For Me!"

 Thank you for dropping by, I hope you enjoyed the party!

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